My Story

I am a Qualified Counsellor and Massage Therapist. I have spent my life helping others to explore and follow their dreams, passions and curiosity.

My life has been a journey with many amazing moments and some very real challenges. Through experiencing these highs and lows, I understand how difficult it can be when life feels physically and mentally tough.

As a child I grew up by the beach and I still seek sanctuary there when I need to clear my mind, or take a deep breath before tackling a challenging day. I find peace in walking on the sand and swimming in the ocean during summer. The sound of thunderous waves on a moody winter’s day is something to enjoy. Sunset over the ocean is a time to reflect on the day and to remember that it will rise again tomorrow. With each sunrise comes a new day, and new choices and opportunities.

I believe that life is too short, and we need to make the best of each day. This was a lesson I learnt in my 20’s when I lost my Mum to cancer. She was in her 40’s, and I knew that she was way too young to leave us. As a result, through my most challenging times, I have reminded myself that life is short and to find a path that brings the most meaning to me.

Through my adult years I have worked and volunteered in roles caring for children and young people. I adore that fresh eyed innocence they exude. I then moved into a role educating others in this field and realised how much I enjoy empowering people to achieve their goals.

At 40 years old I became a parent and this has been the ultimate rollercoaster ride! I’ve experienced the challenges of infertility, medical intervention and then raising a neurodivergent child. It became clear that neurodiversity often has a genetic link, which lead me on my own journey to diagnosis. I understand the highs and lows of parenting, how important raising a child in a village is, and how lonely it can feel when you believe you are walking the path alone.

I’m a lifelong learner. Since 2019 this has led me on a journey to look at how I can use my life experiences to support others. I am passionate about feeling a sense of wellness within, because when we feel well, we make the best decisions about our lives.

Karen Counsellor

Karen Browne

Owner, Healthy Touch Therapies

Diploma of Counselling

Health Counselling Advanced Study Major

Diploma of Remedial Massage

Certificate IV in Massage Therapy

As the Owner of Healthy Touch Therapies I feel privileged to work alongside my clients to build Wellness from Within. Being in private practice allows me to work around my role as a parent, friend and community member. It also allows me to provide a safe space for clients to relax in, where you can feel comfortable to build on your wellness journey. If I can make a positive difference in someone’s life, I know my lived experience has been for a purpose.