Why Massage?

Have you been feeling sore and tight?

Are you feeling stress in your body?

Would you like to move more freely?

At Healthy Touch Therapies, Massage is performed by a fully qualified therapist who can help you to reduce muscle tension, headaches, back pain, stress and more. I provide a safe and confidential space where you can relax, unwind and focus on releasing tension from your body and improving your movement.

I use a client-centred approach, where your needs are the focus and a massage plan is agreed upon before the massage starts. You will feel heard and respected, and I work within your personal comfort level, there is no need for your massage to be painful. In fact, better results are achieved when we work within your tolerances.

Massage services include:


Remedial massage aims to assist in rehabilitation of injury or dysfunction. It may also reduce pain in muscles, ligaments, tendons and connective tissues in the body. Injuries or dysfunctions may occur during a tough sporting event or from something much simpler such as doing too much gardening on the weekend! If your body is feeling pain or you are not able to perform your usual daily activities comfortably, remedial massage may be for you.

Private Health Rebates may apply to remedial massage.


Relaxation massage promotes physical and mental relaxation, reduces tension and improves circulation in the body. The massage incorporates lots of long flowing strokes which also relax the mind. If you are feeling stressed, feel like you need to stop and take a breath or are feeling like you need an escape from daily life, relaxation massage may be for you.


A hot stone massage uses heated basalt stones to ease muscle tension, reduce pain and promote relaxation. The stones are placed on specific body parts, and the therapist combines massage techniques using the stones on your muscles. Benefits include stress reduction, improved sleep, and an immune system boost. It’s a soothing therapy that combines warmth, touch, and relaxation for overall well-being.


Pregnancy massage offers both relaxation and relief from pregnancy aches and pains. Using gentle techniques, it eases muscle tension, improves blood flow and reduces stress. The massage is able to accommodates physical changes during pregnancy, and may include the use of a belly pillow or seated massage as needed.