What happens at a massage appointment?

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What happens at a counselling appointment?

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Is it easy to find parking at Healthy Touch Therapies?

Absolutely yes! Please park on the driveway, which has ample parking for your car. From there it is just a few steps across the paved footpath to the entrance.

What facilities are at Healthy Touch Therapies?

If you arrive early you will have access to a chair on the verandah, overlooking my garden. Once your appointment commences, you will be able to access a clean, well equipped toilet facility next to the massage/counselling room. Clients are also offered refreshing, filtered water at their appointment. The counselling/massage room has heating and cooling, adjustable  brightness for the lighting and access to tissues, wipes, sanitiser and even a blanket if required.

Should I arrive early for my appointment?

Clients are asked to arrive only 2-3 minutes before their appointment. This ensures that the client before you is able to have their privacy needs met. It also allows me to be fully prepared for your appointment. I don’t have a receptionist so between clients I need time to record any information in client files, change linen (massage), tidy up and then prepare for your arrival. I also need time to meet my physical needs.

When I am ready to give you the attention you deserve, the door will be opened and you will be welcomed to your appointment.

Can I bring my child to the appointment?

Children are not able to attend your appointment as this is time to both of us to be focused on you. Additionally insurance does not cover having children present, unless they are the client for that session. Please organise for another responsible adult to have your child or children so you can attend alone.

Can I bring my partner, friend or family member to the appointment?

Other people are not able to attend your appointment as this is time to both of us to be focused on you. Additionally insurance does not cover having others present, unless they are your carer. If you believe another person should be at the appointment with you, please discuss with me at least 24 hours PRIOR to your appointment.

Can I have a massage after vaccination?

There is a 3 day period where massage should not be performed after receiving any vaccination including the flu vaccine.

I feel unwell, when can I have a massage?

Clients need to be well when presenting for a a massage as any cold or flu symptoms may feel worse post massage. Additionally, we are in a confined space and this puts other clients, myself and my family at risk of becoming unwell. Clients who are unsure should contact 0477 173 838 to discuss at least 24 hours prior to appointment.

Am I required to wear a mask?

There are currently no mandates to wear a face mask during your appointment, however clients are very welcome to wear them if they wish.